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  • Narcissus terry Dubbele Brid

Narcissus terry Dubbele Brid

Narcissus terry Dubbele Brid
  • Narcissus terry Dubbele Brid
  • Narcissus terry Dubbele Brid
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Country of manufacture:Netherlands

Location: narcissuses — culture more shade-enduring in comparison, for example, with tulips, but on the lit places "harvest" of their flowers and bulbs are much higher, than in a shadow. Narcissuses well adapt to local conditions. They can grow both on a bed, and on the dernena or in a garden under crowns. 

Soil: are reconciled with any soil provided that it is well trained and fertile. Narcissuses do not transfer soil fertilizer manure therefore it is brought under the previous culture. On one place there can be 3-5 years.  

Leaving: culture first of all nitrogen-potassium food. During an initial stage they need intensive nitric food, and in a phase of formation of tsvetonos at them the need for potassium strongly increases. The maximum of consumption of all nutrients at narcissuses falls on a phase of full budding. It is impossible to fertilize narcissuses at all fresh manure because it attracts the most dangerous wrecker of this culture — a nartsissovy fly, or an onions zhurchalka. Narcissuses — culture quite hygrophilous therefore during blossoming and within 4 — 5 weeks after it they need to be watered if there are no rains. Other leaving comes down to weedings and removal of sick plants. To improve quality of bulbs and to prevent spread of diseases, the fading flowers prior to formation of seeds tear off as spend many nutrients for maturing of seeds of a plant.  

Reproduction: the most effective way of reproduction of wild-growing types — crops by fresh-gathered seeds in July or towards the winter. Hybrid grades and forms usually make multiple copies bulbs and children.

Country of manufacture:Netherlands
Type of flowers:Narcissus
Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2018

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