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Pots for orchids with perforation

Pots for orchids with perforation
  • Pots for orchids with perforation
  • Pots for orchids with perforation
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 Transparent pot for orchids, d=15sm, h=14sm

As all perfect creations, orchids require special attention and care. Their cultivation begins with the choice of the correct flowerpot. Only the plastic, transparent, well ventilated orkhideynitsa provide control of a condition of root system of plants. It is very important as under bad conditions, excessive or insufficient watering, lack of gas exchange, improper soil, roots suffer most of all that affects blossoming and the general condition of orchids. Pots from plastic easy, warm, well are disinfected and wash, are not damaged when falling, do not become impregnated with salts. Besides, they do not pass moisture therefore are not capable to leave a mold or spots on furniture. 
Why for orchids it is necessary to choose transparent pots?

Transparent pots for orchids – the best choice for professionals and the beginning flower growers. They allow:
to study a condition of roots upon purchase, to reveal symptoms of their diseases, to make out a substratum, presence of wreckers;
to observe and control a condition of root system of flowers, to fix changes, to avoid its overcooling or an overheat;
to regulate time of watering, distribution of water and fertilizers on different sites of a substratum with a plant;
it is timely to find symptoms of a disease, existence of snails, wood lice, to begin fight against them;
to carry out timely change, change of landing material, without injuring at the same time sensitive roots;
to carry out more careful observations in case of problems with flowers, to replace and fertilize according to the special program.

How to choose the suitable house for the orchid?

The main requirements to transparent pots for orchids:
―         qualitative plastic;
―         slightly bigger size of an orkhideynitsa, for future gain of roots;
―         stability for what it is one bottom better to put couple of stones of basalt or granite;
―         proportions and forms of a pot can be different, be used depending on a grade of orchids;
―         existence of drainage openings at a bottom and the lower part of walls;
―       presence at the bottom of the edges special of the punched cones turned in a pot for additional ventilation and control of humidity;
―         it is desirable that capacity was in hover. It allows root system of orchids to breathe.

Original design decisions: placement of transparent pots with orchids in a cache-pot, glass vases with decorative elements, will help with creation of unique style. At the same time roots of flowers receive enough light, oxygen and moisture, favorable conditions for their development are created. Choosing a lodge for the orchid, it is necessary to listen to recommendations of experts. Each grade of these trembling flowers demands special approach.

The presented pot for orchids is made of plastic. It is intended for change and cultivation of plants of family orkhidny, with a convex bottom, well ventilated. Transparent plastic orkhideynitsa provide access of light to plant roots. The special design of pots allows to get to air that promotes its best circulation. Also it allows to maintain optimum humidity of a substratum for orchids, without allowing water to stand — excessive moistening of the soil is extremely pernicious for orkhidny.

Material. Plastic.

Diameter is top. 14,5sm.

Diameter is lower. 12,5sm.

Height. 14 cm.

 Transparent pots are necessary in culture of orchids for very simple reason — the transparent wall gives the chance to see that it is and occurs in a pot. Upon purchase of orchids the transparent pot allows to study a condition of roots, to consider a substratum whether to observe there will be no wreckers, to find symptoms of diseases on roots. In the course of care of orchids through transparent walls of a pot it is possible to photograph a substratum and root system, to do their drawings, to perform measurements of length and thickness of roots, to watch growth and dying off of roots, decomposition, salinization and other changes of a substratum. During watering and fertilizer of orchids it is visible as liquid on roots and a substratum as far as different sites of root system and a substratum became impregnated with moisture as color of a velamen of roots changes is distributed. And during drying it is possible to monitor the return change of color of roots as various sites of root system and a substratum dry out. These observations allow to define correctly watering time, to distribute portions of water and solution of fertilizers on sites of root system and a substratum, to check recommendations of books, articles and experts. Constant observations of the events in a transparent pot give the chance in time to find emergence of diseases and wreckers, for example, of snails, wood lice. When using of the means of fight against diseases and wreckers recommended by experts to watch results of their influence. Watching filling of a transparent pot with roots and changes of a condition of a substratum it is possible to execute change in time, to check recommendations of books, articles and specialists in change of this look or a grade of orchids. Problem orchids, for example, as a result of arrests of development, diseases, defeat by wreckers, at cultivation in transparent pots it is possible to survey more often and more carefully, than all other plants of the same look or grade, to water, fertilize and replace according to the individual program. Parties of orchids, for example, seedlings, even-aged delyonka, it is possible to control at cultivation on several plants planted in transparent pots and evenly placed among plants. 

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